Hungarian State Opera Chorus

E pluribus unum: “Out of many, one.” This Latin phrase – which as the motto of the United State of America appears on every dollar bill – could just as well serve the same function for the Hungarian State Opera Chorus.

In terms of the artistic temperament of its members, however, the institution's second-largest musical ensemble embodies diversity of the most colourful sort. Nevertheless, night after night this kaleidoscope is forged into an “instrument” of uniform sound and extreme expressive power through dedication to the genre and a common artistic credo. This also might be the reason why, in recent years, it has also successfully conquered an even wider swathe of dramatic genres and is capable of of mastering, with an open mind, the more complex and demanding challenges of modern opera performance. The voices of the chorus members, along with their sometimes decades of experience on stage, complemented by the inspiring musical direction of the current chorus management, collectively represent the kind of asset among the artistic resources of Hungarian opera performance that will continue to pay off dividends to opera aficionados well into the future.