Dr. László Parragh

Dear Ball Guests!

It is a great honour to be patron of the Shakespeare Gala and a huge joy to greet all our debuntantes and guests, as well as everyone involved in this fabulous event, including the artists and performers.

In 2016, we are joined on occasion of this important anniversary by Hungary's leading heads of business, who will not only be representing economic advancement, but also shining a light on the importance of social responsibility. They are united in their agreement that the economy, culture, social responsibility and attendant charitable contributions all overlap and interweave to together create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The role of culture is of particular significance in today's knowledge-based society. This century has unprecedented potential for science and humanity to reach new heights, but there is also much to do to manage the effects of climate change. We must also face up to the implications of recent migrations of vast numbers of people. The advances of science must also be employed as broadly and effectively as possible throughout the economy to ensure we remain competitive with other countries and our dreams can be realised.

Let these embrace shared goals, those we can only achieve by uniting our efforts. In this spirit, I hope you enjoy an unforgettable experience between the old walls of this wonderful building, where we will together hear Placido Domingo, the greatest figure in opera of our time, sing just for us.

Dr. László Parragh
Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Principal Patron of the  2016 Shakespeare Gala